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Unified System & Platform
for Universities

Key Differentiating Features

Multi Tenant System

Built-in Virtual Classrooms

Gamification, Rewarding & Ranking System

Lockdown Browser

Learning Paths and Competency Frameworks

Activity logs + Recording & Archiving

LMS for Staff & Student – all in one


Enhanced Learning Systems

Building the next generation Systems and Platforms powered by A.I. and B.I.

In-depth knowledge in ICT in e-Learning,

Reducing Training Expenditures & Increasing ROI using innovative eLearning solutions

Teaching & Learning

  • Built in Virtual Classrooms / Video conferences
  • Assignment / Tasks Management Systems
  • Smart Attendance for Online and Offline Classrooms
  • Live Broadcast Service
  • Online lesson will appear in students’ calendars/class stream

Student Dashboard

  • Subject / Units of Curriculum Request
  • Work grouped into subjects with learning goals linked to specific, school-created attributes
  • View grades, assignment, deadlines, exams, and entire class calendars 
  • Plagiarism checking with Turnitin
  • Offline/Online Content availability
  • Blended Learning & Virtual Classroom

Parent Portal

  • Track progress throughout the term
  • Teacher / Student feedback on tasks
  • Real-time synced view of student calendar items
  • View grades, assignment, deadlines, exams
  • Subject / Units of Curriculum Request
  • Mobile & Web access

Assessment & Reporting

  • Smart Assessment Service (formative/summative)
  • Submit individual task and term assessments by points and anecdotal feedback with customized category weightings and grade boundaries
  • Modules – Project – Essay – Rubric – G
  • Assessment and annotation
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics

Curriculum Design & Planning

  • Units Planner (organize & plan subjects-resources)
  • Curriculum Design (US, BS, DYO)
  • Centralized Curriculum Planning
  • Lessons, SL and PBL aligned to curriculum goals
  • E-Books features
  • Student Competency Management
  • Video library


  • Multi Tenant System
  • Cost-Effective Infrastructure
  • Multi Lingual (Any Language)
  • Built-in incident management system
  • Student Competency Management
  • Curriculum analytics and review process
  • Learning & Mentor Support Management